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Fiskvinnsla - Hrįefni
  1. Rigor in fish. The effect on quality - Torry
  2. Gaping of fillets - Torry
  3. Gaping in Farmed Salmon and Trout - Torry
  4. Processing cod- the influence of season and fishing ground - Torry
  5. Dark colour in white fish flesh - Torry
  6. Hvordan fangstbehandling kan gi hųykvalitets fisk


  1. Quality Index Method

Efnainnihald sjįvarfangs

  1. Yield and nutritional value of the commercially more important fish species - FAO
  2. The composition of fish (1969)-Torry


  1. Katla
  2. Seafresh
  3. CitroBio
  4. Food Additives-FIS
  5. Fish Form (Rotvarnarefni fyrir uppsjįvarfiska)
  6. Gewürzmühle Nesse
  7. Antibiotics and the preservation of wet fish -Torry
  8. Polyphosphates in fish processing - Torry
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